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Moar Drabbles
For anybody who didn't read why I decided to start drabbling, read the previous post.
For anybody else, first I updated 5 drabbles, then 6 and finally 7. Today I added 8 new ones. And you have no idea how much I hope for a reaction...

[Victor Henrikson]Henrickson wondered what Reidy was doing when his partner produced a DVD that looked like a shitty horror flick and put it in the laptop. He searched till he found something and turned the laptop around so Henrickson could see it.
There in end credits of Hellhazers II: The Reckoning, Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester were both listed as PA's.
The two FBI Agents stared at each other in shock. This was unbelievable. The FBI searched for them and they worked on a movie?
Henrickson grabbed his jacket and everything he needed for the trip. They would go to LA.

[Tara Benchley]Tara Benchley smiled lightly when they reminded her of the PA's at Hellhazers II.
"I remember Dean. A great PA." The agents looked at each other and showed her a mug shot. She nodded directly. "Yes, that's him. He was the only one who really talked with that other PA, I don't know his name."
She found the right photo album and browsed till she found the right picture. "That's him with that other guy."
The agents nodded to each other. "Sam and Dean Winchester. You're lucky you''re alive. He skinned women before."
They couldn't mean the same sweet guy.

[Martin Flagg]Martin Flagg answered every question the FBI agents had. Yes, he ommited the part about Walter summoning ghosts and the guys saving him but they didn't really seem interested in that. They were more interested in the deaths during filming and would investigate them, not that anybody had really missed Ray or Brad. And the series of deaths had been exactly what the movie needed to get a bigger following.
Before the agents had the opportunity to go away he asked the part he was interested in. "Gentlemen, do you know if anybody has the movie option for their case..?"

[Pete Sheridan]Sometimes Lady Luck was smiling down on you and at the moment it was Detective Pete Sheridan's time. The suspect was ideal, exactly what he needed to get away with the murders. And it wasn't as if anybody would miss the guy, just some drifter who had killed before and had probably done other bad things as well. And he would make sure that Dean Winchester would not get the insanity deal he obviously had planned for emergencies.
Everything was going perfectly, he had the money, Diana and nobody was alive anymore who could link him back to the killings.

[Donnie Finnerman]Donnie Finnerman never knew that he was different, that he was important. He certainly never expected to hear an angel talking to him, let alone the arch angel Raphael. He never even expected to think about angels after he was finally done with Sunday school.
He was just this simple mechanic from Maine. Raphael told him that it was genetic, that he was his one true vessel coming from a long like of possible vessels.
It was such an honor, to be the corporal form of an arch angel, the healer himself. It didn't take Donnie long to say Yes.

Sam shut the book and yawned. The sheer number of books in the Men of Letters library was enough to make his bibliophilic heart happy, the age and condition of them upped it to ecstasy. He grabbed his coffee only to realize that it had gone cold long ago.
Sam stood up and went to the kitchen for a fresh cup and stopped at the sight infront of him: his favorite salad, everything ready with a jar of dressing next to it and a peanutbutter banana sandwich ready to eat. He smiled. He could take a break and eat something.

[Garth]This was a catastrophe, how could he work if his equipment was not the way it was supposed to be? As a hunter he was dependent on it, this wasn't a gig that allowed you to be sloppy and survive. Garth looked guiltily to his EMF detector, he really should have repaired that thing already. he should have kept Dean's the last time he saw the guys,
No, he had to go by priorities, the EMF detector could wait a little bit longer.
He inspected the ripped fabric of Mr Fizzles carefully and wondered where he kept his darning wool.

[Charlie]Carver Edlund. What was that?
Charlie clicked the link to the first book and began reading. A pair of brothers named Sam and Dean fighting against supernatural creatures? She had to check out if this was legitimate or if somebody had just made the monsters up.
A check of names and dates, even the names of victims, it was all there, out for everybody to see.
How could this be, she couldn't really picture one of the guys publishing this.
She went back to the first book and began again. She was sure she find the answers in there somewhere.

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You are ... such a B****. And I say that in the most loving, complimentary, positive and admiring sense possible. Just promise you will share any reaction these may provoke! :-)

Thank you very much :)

Oh, I love it how Henricksen goes to LA to interview the people from Hell Hazers. Totally funny.

Dean is such a good big brother leaving out a salad and sandwich for Sammy. That is too sweet.,

I wanted to write that for a while and it seemed a good fit for the drabbles.
And Dean, yeah, he has his sweet moments

I am impressed with both your commitment and your ability to remember the names of minor characters. Very nice.

Thanks, I'm already working on the next ones.
And I don't remember the names, I pray to the shrine of SuperWiki

So are any of these gonna become full-length (*cough* men of letters *cough*)?

At the moment my only plan is drabbling...

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