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Life Signs
I said this before but I'm finally back to work  and currently writing again. My LJ activity and fanfic reading got down, as you can imagine. I still want to keep posting to show: yea, still alive and here.
Since I'm not really big on talking about myself I decided to go the easy way and rec things. But no, not Supernatural (only as crossover, if at all) and nothing you normaly find, but fics that are more "out there". Or something that has to be seen because it is just so bad you can't believe somebody actually wrote it. A little moment to read and flip out your brain for a change.

I'm starting with a fusion I didn't think about but that fits so well together: Army of Darkness/Sharknado
Ash Williams vs. sharks Sharklet Rain

And for the fans of really bad and cracky, how about a short (under 700 words) bible fanfiction story? I just c&p the summary because it says enough on its own:
Jesus cheated on his husband, Satan, with Nicolas Cage and is now in labour, about to give birth. Includes: MPREG, Slight Gore, M/M, crocs and Miranda Cosgrove. You have been pre-warned. Oh crap, I'm pregnant

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Wow the mpreg fic was...TERRIBLE.

Hey, if you wanna really crazy read, check this, my friend was asked to write a story for Vice Magazine, then wondered why the hell they rejected it. Why every publisher rejected it. I mean, this guy's a Hugo winner, he doesn't suck, but this story was, well...Warning, sex, violence, and weirdness.

Okay... well, I understand why it was rejected!

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