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About Copyright and Fan Fiction
Interesting infos on the topic. Did you know all that?


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Pretty much, and according to it my whole SPN Trio AU is totally thieving but that's still not gonna stop me.

But anyone who doesn't acknowledge that fanfiction does straddle a very weird line is fooling him/herself. I'm just glad that all my active fandoms allow (and even encourage) fanfiction.

Yeah, of course fan fiction is a gray area and we are all just tolerated by the creators. But to read about the person taking fan fiction of others and publishing with different names? That's a new low

That sadly isn't new; I remember a furious fight between mailing lists back in 2001/02 in the Monkees fandom because someone had taken a fanfic posted at one and posted it on the other with some minor changes and the moderators of the other list didn't seem to care about the blatant theft, and even tried to claim it was a compliment, that something was good enough to steal.

That happens often enough, but a commercial book? They didn't make money out of that

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