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Being Back
So, I was absent from LJ (and Fandom, and Life, and Happiness) for a few weeks for anybody who didn't notice it. Yes, a peek here and there but not more than a few minutes to check emails for the day and back to familial obligations (sick mother) and a bad cold. Needless to say I missed a few deadlines and am behind in reading. *HatesRealLife*
Happy to be back

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I hope "happy to be back" includes being back to happiness and friends. Caregiving can be emotionally and spiritually draining, and carving time out for yourself is as incredibly important as it is difficult and guilt-inducing.

I'm happy you're back, anyway. :-)

Welcome back. How is your mother doing?

Glad to see you around a little again. Totally understand how RL can "get in the way" of other more enjoyable pursuits. I hope your mother is doing a little better and that you are as well. Take care.

And yes, I did miss you. I don't have a lot of friends, so I do recognize when someone is not around as much, or at all. Hope to see you poking your head out a little more soon.

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