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My family from France was here yesterday and the day before. I will post an update post on RL on a later date including the why they came but they were all there, 3 cousins (plus one husband), one uncle and a few more removed ones.
I don't see them often, E perhaps once every 1 to 2 years, R only when I'm down in France (which has been a few years ago) and A even not then with her living in a different part of the country.
I have no problem with any of them but if I had to decide which one of them I liked best, A would top the list. The only problem: A and I don't have anything in common., we don't have anything to talk about.
Not anymore!
Not only is A devoted SPN fan, she is a Dean-girl to boot! We were both so happy, not only to have found a fellow fan but also to find something after more than 30 years that we can talk about that doesn't involve the food and weather.
Not only that: Being the SciFi geek that I am, I was always alone in my family. Nobody in my family has the same taste in movies, tv and books as I do. My french cousins? All 3 of them like to varying degrees: SPN, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Star Wars... clearly I was born in the wrong part of the family

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How cool for you to find something in common with your cousin. That is always nice, and yes, it is good to find something else you can talk about besides weather and food. Very exciting for you both.

Yes, and it took us long enough

Had she been watching the show from the beginning? It may have taken long enough for you both to figure out you both loved the show, but the counter to that is, at least you finally discovered it, so you now have a couple years, at least, to squee over the show with each other. That should be fun.

She watched it from the start, yes. And I expect now that we have found something in common we will find others as well. There are so many great things in SciFi/Fantasy

Aw, that's awesome, don't you just love when that happens? :) I had the same thing with a very old friend of mine (we know each other for more than 30 years). We had a few little things in common, but music and TV were definitely not among them. Then I learned about 6 years ago or so that she was into SPN too! So we now have more things to talk about. :D

It's great. I only ever meet one other fanboy in RL before soit's very rare for me

It is great to find things in common with family like that. One of my sisters is into to SPN, but she can only catch it occasionally on TNT/cable so she isn't current. But it is nice to be able to watch it with her/chat with her about it sometimes.

She is not current as well, she waits for DVDs and binges them. Still more than enough material for us to squeel about

My niece has fallen hard for SPN. So we facebook about it. Finally, someone who even knows what the show IS.

Yeah, I'm in a little SPN diaspora myself

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