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November 11th
This being one of the days I like most in the year I'm a bit sad that I couldn't go celebrate today.
November 11th is the start of the Carnival season here and I always loved going to the official start at 11.11 AM and dancing, singing and kissing strangers as long as I could for the day. Sadly I had meeting I had to go to and missed it, but I will go out during the most important part of the season to soak up as much of the street carnival feeling as I can get.
Now I'm looking forward to seeing the children coming for St Martins Day. The sweets are all ready and waiting to be given out

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In Canada (and much of the English-speaking world) Nov 11 has quite a different meaning. Commemorating the end of WW1, it's Remembrance Day here. A very sober affair.

That may be, but I'm not from a Commonwealth state. I love this date.
But if I were from the city-we-will-not-name, today wouldn't be something to celebrate ;D

Just pointing out that different dates mean different things to different people ... ;-) (I love this date too -- public servants get the day off, while the kids have to go to school. Which all adds up, in Ottawa, where the Government is the largest employer, to the Biggest Retail Day of the year as folks do some early Christmas shopping without the kiddies underfoot.

As for the Other Thing, I have but one word for you: HELAU!! :-)

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