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The Born-Again Identity
The Born-Again Identity
Tag to 7.17

Meg watched Cas as he sat on his bed, lost in thought.
Finding the angel would help in her goals of bringing Crowley down, she knew it in her meat-suits bones.
She just needed a bit time and patience to perfect and implement a plan and wait for an opportunity.
But then, after all the happenings, after the building of the apocalypse, the breaking of the seals, their father rising and being flung back in his cage, even after the mother of all walking among them, she was one of the very few demons entangled in all of this who still existed.
She survived her father Azazel, her master Alistair, her god Luzifer.
She was willing to wait.
"Nurse Masters, Nurse Prescott needs help."
"Of course, I will be with him in a moment, Dr Kadinsky."
It would be all worth it in the end.

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Loved this phrase: she knew it in her meat-suits bones.

Of course, I don't want Crowley gone, he's one of my favorite characters, and is my favorite demon, but I can definitely see Meg thinking like this.

Cool idea, doing little codas to episodes. Have you done a lot of them?

Crowley is my favourite demon, too.
Part of it is the point that he is the only demon who always saw the potential dangerof the boys and didn't dismiss them because they were humans...

I had originally a lot more episode tags, missing scenes and codas, but lost most of them due to the death of my loved laptop (he will be missed)
But I will write more of them again.

I like that about Crowley, too. That scene where he's yelling at Castiel doubt being the only one to not underestimate them is so true. Also, him holding his demons back so the boys can get the Leviathans.

Plus, I have a voice kink, and his voice hits it sooo well. *g*

I'm sorry to hear about your laptop. That is very frustrating.

Yeah, Crowley seems to be the only one who get's it.
And I understand the voice thing, it's one of my kinks as well. Crowley and Dean.

And my lapt top, yeah, it totally is. I know that 5 years is old for them but I really loved the little shit.
Perhaps I should salt and burn him...

Yeah, Dean's voice is amazing. He's my number one character on SpN, and once Crowley showed up, he became number two. Castiel has a pretty good voice as well, especially when he growls.

Five years is darn good for a laptop. I eventually became a Mac user, because I was tired of how many laptops I was going through - three in two years (one I broke, but the other two just started acting up all the time).

Have fun with the salt and burn. Maybe I should do that with my old ones...

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