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12 Days of Christmas Challenge Day 8
Unconnected Supernatural Drabbles Chapter 41
Summary: Sam and Dean at a Dairy Queen
Genre: gen
Rating: G
Characters: Sam, Dean
Word Count: 100

Sam bit into his grilled sandwich and watched the absolute delight in Dean's face. After everything that happened, the apocalypse, their whole family dying, themselves included a few times, his brother was still the same person. More tired and harder, but still with the same love for the little things, like the Blizzard he was inhaling.

Sam tried to remember his last Moolatté with his salad, had it really been so long? It was one of the things Sam couldn't say no to. It wasn't really more unhealthy than the food they normally ate and coming here made Dean happy.

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Adorable delight. That's perfect.


Yes, treats are something I think Dean will always appreciate! This was sweet...

Who doesn't like treats

This is very very cute. You've also inspired me to go obtain a Blizzard of my own tomorrow after work. Yum!

Thanks for this adorable drabble!

Yummy! Happy Dean is always nice!

That is one thing about Dean that is curious, and yet heartwarming, despite everything that he has been through, he does still find it within himself to enjoy the little things in life, like a good tasting burger, or a dish of ice cream. I mean, with everything, he could easily be a bitter, hardened man, but he still finds delight in the small things. I love that about him.

Yes, it's one of his adorable quirks

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