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Update New Year
I expect I do my review of my fandom year 2013 next week, I'm not sure yet. I planned it for the 01.01., but had to reschedule.
The switch from the old year to the next was sadly not that great for me this time: On Tuesday I fell down the stairs to the basement and landed with my head against the wall. I was lucky, I only have a light concussion, but I'm still tired a lot, have persistant headaches and can't read or concentrate for long. Instead of going to friends and celebrating New Years Eve I stayed home and slept. Well, I woke for a time, the firework was really loud.
So yes, I'm here, but on a reduced schedule

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Oh dear. I hope you feel better soon! Take care of yourself -- head injuries can sneak up on you for a while.

It's getting better every day and I'm careful, I know it takes a long time to be sure that everything is alright again

Yikes! Take care of yourself, we'll wait for you!

I hope you saw a doctor! You don't want to mess with head injuries!

Believe me, I'm aware of that. And I'm not a Winchester, I go to doctors ;)

I was lucky and am already getting better, thanks

Ouch! :< Feel better soon!

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