antrazi (antrazi) wrote,

Wall of Shame

These are my collected WIPs. It's not that I don't like any of these stories anymore, I'm just lacking inspiration to finish them.

Harry Potter

Modern History
Albus Severus Potter has to do history project about the Voldemort war. He wouldn't do something about his family, no, his project will be anything but boring.
Rated: T, Words: 7,376 - Severus Snape & Albus Severus Potter


Unexpected Developments
Did you ever wake up with somebody unexpected?
Rated: M, Words: 7,831 - Perry Cox/ Elliot Reid

Stargate SG-1

Family Matters
Jack and Mini-Me never meet again. And Mini-Me never has a problem he needs help with. Sure.
Rated: K+, Words: 3,700 -  J. O'Neill & Jonathan O.

Star Trek Voyager

Career talk
What do you do after 7 years in the delta quadrant?
Rated: T,  Words: 1,408

Career talk Offshot
Between Chapter 1 and 2 of Career talk. A talk between Tom Paris and Leonard McCoy.
Rated: K+, Words: 565 - Leonard McCoy & Tom Paris



Forgotten history
Sometimes your past is helpful for your future.
Rated: K+, Words: 2,112 - Perry Cox/ Brennan

Buffy/Harry Potter

Year 1976
As a teenager Severus Snape's life takes an unexpected turn after meeting a relative he never knew he had.
Rated: K+, Words: 4,421 - Spike & Severus Snape
Tags: fic-non-fic

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