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Isn't he the best?
Today was Ascension Day and therefore a holiday. More importantly, it was Father's Day in Germany, a day that is traditionally celebrated by men in groups, with alcohol and either going on a trip somewhere or, what I personally know from fathers, rotting together in parks, laughing, beer and barbeque. The amount of alcohol people drink varies according to their age and their level of common sense, of course.

What did my father do? Wallpaper my future flat, the renovating activity he hates the most before everything else, because this was the only day he had the time for it.

And yes, I already wrote his application for sainthood years ago.

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How lovely for your father to work on your apartment. To partake in an activity that is not his favorite when others are out imbibing, he is being a father. I can't think of a better way to celebrate fatherhood than being a daddy to his little girl. Bless him.

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