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My card for SPN Pairing Bingo
Death/ Tessa Castiel/ Gabriel Anna/ Ruby Krissy Chambers/ Josephine Barnes Bobby/ Crowley
Dean/ Alastair Dean/ Abaddon Bela Talbot/ Lilith Sam/ Jess Dean/ Gordon Walker
Dean/ Crossover Character Crowley/ Jody Mills WILD CARD
Dean/ OC

Dean/ Meg Jo/ Crossover Character
Balthazar/ Sam John/ Mary Crowley/ Meg Dean/ Death Bobby/ Crack!Character
Dean/ Aaron Bass Henry Winchester/ Abaddon Dean/ Gabriel Sam/ OC Death/ Crossover Character

Sometime after Season 9.Spoilers to some spoilers of Season 10. A meeting between Dean and Death.

Dean/Crossover Character
Work Trip
SPN/TOS Crossover. Dean's on a work trip on the Enterprise.

Death/Crossover Character
Break from Reality
SPN/Discworld. Death & DEATH & Death of Rats

Finding the perfect candidate
Somebody decides to adopt Dean.


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