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Hell in Numbers
Hell in Numbers
S4, Episode Tag to 4.10 Heaven and Hell. Sam's POV

Sam knew he would never get the image of Dean telling him about hell out of his head. Dean crying, his sounds and his shame.
Shame for just managing to be tortured for 30 years. For breaking.
It didn't matter that humans weren't built to withstand something like this, that even with his body repaired each day any other person would have broken a long time before. That he hadn't even been alive for that long.
Sam knew that despite everything that happened to him, Dean didn't regret selling his soul for his brother. The only thing he regretted were the last ten years of hell, worse than just breaking, the part where he tortured others to escape the pain of being tortured himself.
He knew his brother.
Dean had said there were no words. And Sam understood that short of doing a stint in hell himself he would never understand what that really meant.
So he focused on the parts he could understand.
One month on earth were like ten years in hell.
More than just a natural affinity for mechanics and electronics, Dean always had a natural talent for the hard sciences: mathematics, physics, chemistry.
Sam remembered a teacher in some High School telling Dean he should think about applying for Engineering at the MIT after Dean built his homemade Infrared Thermal Scanner out of spare parts for a science project.
According to the data they collected regarding their parents after Dean's visit in the past, mathematics and physics had been something Mary Campbell had excelled in.
Sam had always been more into the soft sciences. But even he was capable of some basic time conversion.
One measly minute on earth, 2 hours torture in hell.
Five minutes, the time he needed just to pack his things, 10 hours in hell.
One hour on earth, 5 days in hell.
Sleeping period of 8 hours, 40 days in hell.
One day on earth, 3 month in hell.
Dean had been dead for 139 days. 16,680 days in hell. 45.667 years.
Dean was right. There were no words.

Note: For people who got a different result, seeing as I expect Sam to be pedantic and obsessive in something like this, I counted one year as 365.25 days.

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Ironically, I had Dean going through the same calculation regarding Sam in my story during the year Dean was with Lisa.

Edited at 2012-04-10 07:47 pm (UTC)

You did? Have to go and check the story...

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