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Unconnected Supernatural Drabbles - Chapter 44
Zachariah's Vessel

Sometimes Richard Adler hated his existence.
He had had a good job at Sandover, a few good colleagues, a great golf handicap and his mother was in the best senior residence money could buy.
When the angel Zachariah came to him, Richard didn't think about it for long. He may not be a regular at the temple or talked with the Rabbi as often as he should, but, well, it was an angel, wasn't it?
He didn't have any contact with his ex-wife anymore, his mother would be cared for and he didn't have any children or pets. Easy decision.

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LJ should have a "like" button, except it's good they don't because... words! That was an unexpected treat - I love Zachariah - and I love the background you gave him here.

If you like Zachariah I have another drabble with him (Link above) and a ficlet about him, look through the tags.
He is such a great character and it's so hard to find fics with him

Thanks! I'll go treat myself as soon as I'm done doing SPN weird news - And it is! I've had a Zachariah/Samandriel longfic planned for ages, but little time to write it. I'd really love to read more about him, and about his background/motives. Sometimes it baffles me that SPN fandom, with so many interesting characters, hang on to Sam/Dean, Cas/Dean mostly. I love both pairings, but I love rarepairs so much more and it's a pity that writers don't stray more, IMHO.

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