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Unconnected Supernatural Drabbles - Chapter 46&47
[Jody Mills]Jody Mills

Paperwork. Jody Mills knew the world hated her. That was the only explanation for the amount of paperwork everything generated. Yes, she got the reason but it still used up so much of the time she would have needed to do her actual job, helping people.
Perhaps the supernatural side had invented it somewhere back in time. To mess with humanity.
She liked that idea and she knew just the people she could ask about her theory.
A little note to remind her to ask Bobby Singer about it even if she wasn't sure she wanted to know the answer.

[Doc Benton]Doc Benton

This was fascinating, reading about himself. He remembered the hunter who had come after him a few years ago. It always made an impression when somebody took your heart out. He put the journal away and took a mental inventory. The young man coming to him meant he didn't have to go out to get what he needed. The man was strong, fit and healthy, he would be a good donor.
It was time for him to get new eyes, the old ones were losing focus.
Doc Benton prepared the donor and sorted his instruments. Not time like the present.


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