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Update August project
I'm actually surprised, I managed to write every day for a month like I wanted. And other then two times I got to post them on time!
If somebody wants to go back to something of this month, here is everything.


Unconnected Supernatural Drabbles: Zachariah's Vessel, Cain, Jody Mills & Doc Benton
The Aftermath, After Season 9
Temporary Displacement, Winchesters don't really die.
Picking up the pieces, Season 7. After Godstiel, heaven was a disaster area.
Finding the perfect candidate, Somebody decides to adopt Dean.
Consequences, Sometime after Season 9. A meeting between Dean and Death.
An interesting development, 9.23. Another perspective.

Supernatural Crossovers

Alternate Vessel of Castiel: Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Married with Children, MASH, Buffy
A little Break, SPN/Buffy ficlet series: ficlet 1, ficlet 2, ficlet 3
Drinking Companion, Buffy/SPN, Season 8. Being back out of purgatory was hard.
Meeting the family, SPN/Addams Family, Pre-Series, Stanford-Era.
Break from Reality, SPN/Discworld, Bingo entry for Death/Crossover Character
A Rare Opportunity, SPN/Doctor Who, There wasn't much anymore that managed to fascinate Death everytime he saw it.
Jacksonville, Florida, SPN/Fringe, Dean remembers a lot of his childhood but some parts are not that clear
A meeting in the woods, SPN/Sentinel, An unexpected meeting Ellison and Sandburg would never forget again.
Work Trip, SPN/TOS, Dean's on a work trip on the Enterprise.
Intersecting worlds, SPN/X Men, An old friend calls Dean for help

Other Fandoms

Buffy: After the Spell, Always a girl!Spike/Buffy
Harry Potter: The End of the Beginning, Book 7, an alternate version of the finale battle.
MASH: Playtime, After the show. Spanking
Phineas and Ferb: Sharknado
Voyager: A Good Day, Janeway reflecting

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