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Happy in Athens
Happy in Athens
Pre-Series. Before Dean told Cassie.
Note: Part of the Birthday Fic Series for Dean Winchesters birthday

Dean was never in love before he met Cassie but she was absolutely perfect for him: Funny and witty and downright bossy because he didn't enjoy women who were afraid to speak for themselves. She had a full and unashamed laughter, a mirthful smile and playful attitude. Dean debated with himself how to tell her about hunting. He needed to have that talk, everything else would be unfair to her.

She came back from her last class for the day and put her things to the side, telling him about her idiotic professor at the same time.

She saw that he had prepared a snack for her, knowing she would be hungry. Her thank you kiss before she devoured her food was a promise for later.

Her warm laughter was everything he needed: It didn't matter that Sam had taken off or that his father had decided to ditch Dean as well, the few weeks they had together made clear to him that he wanted this to last. It was time to to tell her what he really did.

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I loved Cassie in the one episode we had her. I definitely preferred her to Lisa.

Yeah, she was this great character trapped in this really shitty episode

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