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I debated with myself if I wanted to post something or not and finally decided that it was the easier thing.

I dropped of LJ like 1 month ago, even before my birthday (thanks by the way for all the great birthday wishes and greetings) because I just wasn't well enough and in severe pain. At first I thought I ate something wrong, then it was pretty clear that it was something different. I got it checked out by a doctor, had a blood test done and still no answer.
Since my stomach didn't get better and I actually have a history of stomach problems since childhood (And a few other physical issues. I was the sickly kid) I decided to go back to my childhood diet when it was really bad: Nothing with animal fat of any kind, nothing dairy, no pork at all, nothing with sugar (limited glucose, no saccharose), nothing with vinegar, no vegetable in the cabagge or bean family, no citrus fruits or anything to acidic, no nuts, no spices other than salt and (a bit) pepper, nothing roasted or fried...
I'm honest enough to admit that one of the reasons I'm full-figured is that when it got better and I was finally allowed to eat like a normal person I went totally overboard.

Good news is, since around last Saturday I'm actually able to keep the food in and the pain is down to managable without medication and keeps getting better.
Given the happenings in the fandom I thought it was a good idea to say, I'm still here, I'm relatively well and I hope the same for you all as well.
I followed the whole situation with Jared here and on FB and Twitter, wrote him something, and I'm just so glad, 1) how great this fandom has reacted, and 2) to see that other fans had the same emotional reaction that you can't really explain to others

edited because my mind swapped something
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