antrazi (antrazi) wrote,

January 24th 2005

January 24th 2005
Pre-Series. The 26th Birthday
Note: Part of the Birthday Fic Series for Dean Winchesters birthday

Nothing ever changes. At least not for the better.

Dean watched the clock as the last few seconds of January 24th ran out. Another birthday over and done with.

It wasn't as if things like birthdays were ever important in the Winchester family, a call would still have been nice, from anybody.

As much as he hadn't expected it, he had hoped to get a call from Sam. Normally Pastor Jim would have called but he was outside the country for the church. And Dad had most likely forgotten. He would probably remember in a few weeks or months.

No messages.

A sigh. Dean put the cell away and grabbed his drink and toasted to himself. Perhaps this year would be better.
Tags: birthday, char: dean, length: 0-500, time: pre-series

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