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Masterlist Non-SPN

I love SPN. But that doesn't mean I only have fanfiction for one fandom.
So, here are my completed published works for other fandoms.

Some of my fics don't have a Rating. Please be aware that fics with R or M Rating would always be marked, so everything else is PG-13 or less.
Note: Unless otherwise marked the stories are unbeta'd. English is not my first language.
Disclaimer: The 'verses and characters belong to their proper owners. This is just fan fiction for fun and entertainment.

Big Bang Theory

[Big Bang Theory]Packing for Comic Con
Prompt:  The Big Bang Theory, Ensemble, Packing for Comicon.
Ensemble, K, words: 223


[Buffy]Semiannual Appointment
Even in Sunnydale there are normal things for evil vampires to do.
Spike, K, words: 551

Prompt: Buffy, Spike/anyone, experimentation.
Spike/Tara & Willow, K+, words: 367

Natural Fear
Prompt: Buffy:The Vampire Slayer, Xander, the chalkboard always looked blurry.
Xander, K, words: 530

After the Spell
With her magical engagement to Spike broken Buffy feels cheated of what could have been.
Always a girl!Spike/Buffy, R, words: 649

Dark Angel

[Dark Angel]Designate This
Missing Scene for 2.01 Designate This
Renfro, K+, words: 264

Artist: tattooeddevil, Beta: ladyarcherfan3
Contrary to what he says, Alec is not always alright. And sometimes he needs a bit help.
Alec, Original Cindy, G, words: 3280

For One Night
Artist: cassiopeia7, Beta: mandraco
Alec and Lux indulge in a one-night stand. PWP
Alec/Lux, NC-17, words: 3028, Warnings: Painplay, Bloodplay, Biting, Rough sex, Anal sex, erotic electrostimulation, Magnets.

Sleeping Aid
for denyce
Logan has problems sleeping
Alec/Max/Logan, R, words: 663, Warnings: spanking

Ordinary Talks
Just before the end of "Freak Nation". Sketchy sees the work he can do.
Sketchy, G, words: 229

Dead like Me

[Dead like Me]Her daily Sudoku
Prompt: Dead Like Me, George, There's nothing like reading gay porn in the cafeteria at work when everybody just thinks you're playing Sudoku.
George, K+, words: 437

Doctor Who

[Doctor Who]Last meeting with an unknown Friend
Donna meets the Doctor again
Donna, Doctor, K, words: 511

Fifth Element

[Fifth Element]The most important question on a first date
Prompt: The Fifth Element (1997), Korben Dallas/Ruby Rhod, putting out on the first date
Korben/Ruby, K+, words: 284, in Russian

Harold and Kumar Series

[Harold and Kumar Series]After the Shot
They shot Neil, didn't they?
NPH, T, words: 691

Harry Potter

[Harry Potter]
The End of the Beginning
Book 7, an alternate version of the finale battle.
Snape, K, words: 943


[M*A*S*H]Back from the War
Hawkeye coming home after the war, his father's POV.
Hawkeye & D Pierce, K+, words: 432

His second war
After the Korean war, hm, police action, Hawk never expected his life to go this way.
Hawkeye/Margaret, K+, words: 432

After the Show. Margaret and Hawkeye get to play
Hawkeye/Margaret, T, words: 323, Warning: spanking

Phineas & Ferb

[Phineas & Ferb]Sharknado
Prompt: Phineas and Ferb, any, Sharknado
Heinz Doofenschmirtz, G, words: 154


[Scrubs]Terms of Endearment
Perry Cox always calls his ex-wife she-satan or demoness. Imagine him being right.
Cox/Jordan, T, words: 949

Simpsons, The

[Simpsons, The]Surprise!
The Simpsons, Sideshow Bob/Older!Bart + older!Lisa + Older!Maggie + Homer/Marge, this is awkward
Sideshow Bob/Older!Bart, K+, words: 247

Stargate SG-1

[Stargate SG-1]Houston?
Season 2, The Serpent's Lair. O'Neill, Carter, Teal'c and Bra'tac got rescued by a shuttle after being stranded around earth after destroying Apophis' Ha'tak
K, words: 302

Star Trek Reboot

[Star Trek Reboot]Curing his space phobia
Star Trek Reboot, Bones/Kirk, curing his space phobia
Kirk, McCoy, K+, words: 263

Star Trek Reboot/Star Trek TOS

[Star Trek Reboot/Star Trek TOS]Captain's Prerogative
Star Trek (TOS or Reboot), Kirk, He was always uncomfortable when the crew asked him to officiate at a wedding.
Kirk, K, words: 223

Star Trek TOS

[Star Trek TOS]Gol'nev
After Spock's Katra and the Fal-Tor-Pan Leonard McCoy got help at last
McCoy, K+, words: 730

The day to day life of the Enterprise CMO
You are not allowed to kill your patients even if they are common sense retardant
McCoy, T, words: 1338

Adjusting protocols to the behavior of people from a different universe
With the Captain and the other members of the team switched to their mirror counterparts Spock has to find a different way to deal with their behavior.
Mirror!Kirk/Spock, T, words: 1148, Warning: Spanking

Star Trek Voyager

[Star Trek Voyager]A Good Day
Janeway reflecting
Janeway, K, words: 176

That '70s Show

[That '70s Show]1983
Somebody comes back and watches Hyde's life from the outside.
Edna & Hyde, K+, words: 801

All in the name of kinky sex
S7, the episode where Kitty doesn't cook anymore as long as Red isn't willing to spice their sex life up. I see the episode I wonder how stupid Red and Eric really are.
K+, words: 1095

Musings on Changes
Thoughts happening during Season 8. Yes, THAT Season
Hyde & Jackie, K+, words: 1456

Two fathers about their mutual son.
Red & WB, K+, words: 242

Veterans Day Date
How their first date should have happened.
Jackie/Hyde, T, words: 649

Vengeance Unlimited

[Vengeance Unlimited]A different battle
Chapel is ill and KC looks after him.
Chapel & KC, G, words: 536


[X-Over]Job Offer
Spike gets an interesting offer. Buffy/Stargate SG1
Spike, K+, words: 572

Wormtails end
Discworld/Harry Potter
Wormtail & Death of Rats, K, words: 128

A Slip of Parchment
He still had one little slip, just one left before he was done and able to leave this place. Harry Potter/Dead Like Me
S Snape, K+, words: 542

A day in the life of Jack O'Neill. Buffy/Stargate SG1
J O'Neill, K, words: 283

A Trip back Home
My Bloody Valentine/Ten Inch Hero
Tom/Priestly, T, words: 638

The part between the work
Harry Potter/NCIS
Gibbs, K, words: 187


[Meta]Of the care and handling of your fangirl
A guide to understand this misunderstood creature
K, words: 837

Tags: by somebody else: translation, fandom: big bang theory, fandom: buffy, fandom: dark angel, fandom: dead like me, fandom: discworld, fandom: doctor who, fandom: fifth element, fandom: harold and kumar series, fandom: harry potter, fandom: m*a*s*h, fandom: meta, fandom: my bloody valentine, fandom: ncis, fandom: scrubs, fandom: simpsons, fandom: star trek reboot, fandom: star trek tos, fandom: star trek voyager, fandom: stargate sg-1, fandom: ten inch hero, fandom: that '70s show, fandom: vengeance unlimited, fandom: x-over, masterlist, xover

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