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My little slice of limbo

A place for Supernatural Fan Fiction

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30 April
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  • antrazi@livejournal.com
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To my fics:

For SPN: I'm a gen writer. Things that I write that can be interpreted as both slash or friendship/bromance are intended as non-Slash.
Why? Because there is so much Slash in this fandom, it can always need more gen writers.
For my occasional Non-Gen or RPF urges visit my alter ego hasenbrot
For other Fandoms: I tend to write gen but have no problem trying something else

Friending policy:

The only entries that are friended are the personal entries that don't have anything to do with the fics. If you want to friend me, go ahead. If I recognize you I will probably friend you back.

About me:

To be honest, my RL is totally uninteresting.
I have a very unhealthy relationship with my laptop and am owned by a tiny cat named Luna.
I work in the office, so even there I don't really participate in the regular world.
Any other hobbies can be reduced to reading, music and movies. All in all, a functioning social recluse.
My life goals are a job I don't totally hate, a comfy flat just for me alone and 3-5 cats.

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